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1 The daily rate starts at 2pm (check-in) and ends at 12pm (check-out) the following day.
Only on the day of departure from the Pousada (check-out day), if you wish to stay for a few more hours, consult the reception before the end of the night to check the possibility, if there is no reservation in your suite and it is possible to stay for longer , until 6pm you will be charged 1/2 night. After this time, 1 full night will be charged.

2 The daily rate ends at 12pm (noon). Failure to meet the check-out time without prior request and authorization for an extension of check-out, and if the guest is not present at the Inn, the Inn may move the guest's belongings to the Reception or another apartment under the supervision of a manager or responsible. Remember that the Pousada works with advance reservations, so if you choose to extend your stay, on the day of check-out, it must be requested at Reception in advance, and if there is availability on the date, it will be extended.

3 The Inn is for the exclusive use of guests/clients. Visits are limited to 1 person per guest and must be received in the Pousada's common areas (Reception, Lounge, etc.), until a maximum of 9:30 pm. After 10:00 pm, they are not allowed to stay at the Pousada. Exception for the Casa di Helena Bistro area, which is open to the public during its opening hours.

4 For the visitor to go to the guest's suite, they must first register at reception. Room visits until 9:00 pm at the latest. After 9:00 pm they are not allowed to stay in the suite and after 10:00 pm in the Inn area.
If you stay in the suite for more than 15 minutes, an extra fee of R$ 150.00 (one hundred and fifty reais) per visitor per day will be charged.

5 Pousada da Praia has the “Clean and Safe Responsible Tourism Seal” from the Ministry of Tourism and the “Safe Travels Seal” from the government of Santa Catarina.

6 The Pousada provides points with 70º alcohol gel for guests and employees to wash their hands at the service counter and in the coffee room.

7 The Pousada provides disposable gloves for use at the breakfast buffet.

8 All protocols that may arise in the event of new decrees and ordinances from public authorities due to COVID-19 or any other health emergency must be complied with.

9 The buffet breakfast included in the rate is served in the breakfast room, however, if the customer wishes to take any food or drink from the Buffet to the room, an additional amount of R$ 50.00 will be charged per person (limited quantity).
Children can only approach the Buffet tables accompanied by an adult and must be served by an adult.
Breakfast can be served in the suite, check the menu and price at reception.

10 If the guest wishes to not have their room cleaned (so that no collaborators enter their suite), they must request this at Reception.

11 To clean the suites, the key must be at reception. There must also be no guests in the room.

12 Decorative objects as well as those for the guest's daily use, bed and bath linen, glasses, crockery, etc. broken, damaged, stained, lost or used for another purpose will be charged. Any damage caused by the guest to the Pousada's property will also be automatically charged to the guest's account.

13 We provide parking space for 01 (one) passenger vehicle for each suite. We do not have trailer or jet-ski parking. The Pousada does not have insurance for vehicles parked on its grounds.

14 Upon check-out, the entrance door key and the safe key must be handed in at reception. If a key is lost, a replacement fee will be charged.

15 It is not permitted to separate the suite's entrance key from the power blocking keychain. The suite keys are connected to the device that allows energy savings. Any change to this device that compromises energy savings allows the Pousada to add 50% to the daily rate to cover waste. When leaving the Inn (check-out), the Guest must hand over the key with device to Reception. When leaving the apartment, they must lock the door and hand over the key with the device to reception. If the key and/or keychain is lost, the guest's account will be charged the amount of R$ 150.00 (one hundred and fifty reais).

16 For safety reasons, the use of rockets, firecrackers, fireworks or the like is not permitted in any part of the Pousada, including the balconies, under penalty of cancellation of the stay/reservation.

17 The use of portable barbecues, stoves, or similar items on the Pousada's balconies or facilities other than those already available by the Pousada is not permitted. The use of electric irons in the rooms is also not permitted under penalty of cancellation of the stay/reservation.

18 Forgotten or lost objects will be stored for a period of 180 days. After this period, the object will be donated.

19 No noise is allowed on the Pousada premises after 10pm. It is also not permitted to use sound devices at a volume that would disturb other guests, as well as singing or drumming. We also ask for attention to sounds made on the balcony, garden or parking lot, that is, places close to the rooms.

20 Cars should never block the path or another vehicle. If all spaces are occupied, the Guest must immediately communicate with management.

21 Smoking is not permitted in the suites (STATE LAW No. 8042, OF NOVEMBER 12, 2009): if this occurs, the fee for cleaning and deodorizing the apartment is 20% of the Minimum Wage and will be charged as an additional fee to the guest's bill. Guests must use the outside area of the Pousada to avoid charging the fee.

22 It is not allowed to put nails in the walls, spread towels or clothes on the balcony, behind the minibar, windows or furniture in the apartment. In the bathroom, towels and clothes are allowed. The Pousada may provide an external laundry service. If you are interested, please contact reception.

23 It is not permitted to throw objects out of windows, onto the floor of corridors and parking lots or into bathrooms.

24 It is not permitted to walk around the Pousada in nightwear.

25 It is not permitted to purchase from street vendors inside the Pousada. Remember that this practice can lead to inconvenience for everyone.

26 Common areas (external areas, including sidewalks, staircases, patio and parking, for example, and internal areas such as entrance hall, staircases, corridors, etc.) are usually subject to third party traffic, with Guests being responsible for their belongings and minors in these areas. For security reasons, common areas are monitored by cameras.

27 The possession and use of any type of legally prohibited material, object or substance or any type of weapon that could pose a personal risk is not permitted.

28 It is not permitted to practice sports in inappropriate places or places that could pose risks to other users, as well as the use of toys in inappropriate places or places that could cause harm to third parties.

29 The Pousada reserves the right to request the vacancy of apartments when found to be used by drunk people, using illegal substances or for illegal activities, contrary to morals or good customs.

30 It is the duty of every Guest to ensure good coexistence, harmony and peace at the Pousada. In cases of drunkenness, violent behavior, indecent exposure or any other attitude contrary to good customs and social coexistence on the part of any Guest, the Pousada will take the appropriate measures and may terminate the Guest's period of stay in advance by requesting the vacancy of the suite and /or request police support, if necessary.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in cancellation of the stay/reservation without refund of the amount already paid.

These Operating Rules and Fees Charged are subject to change without prior notice.

If you make a reservation, you declare that you have read and agree with the “Operating Rules and Fees Charged” and “Reservation Policy” of the Pousada.

Rev. 07 of 19/Nov/2023

All rights reserved to Pousada Da Praia Garopaba © 2023
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